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Become The Guitarist You’ve Always Wanted To Be Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

  • Are you frustrated trying to learn the guitar on your own?
  • Are you new to guitar and feel lost and confused about how to get started?
  • Are you sick and tired of playing guitar and not improving?
  • Are you stuck at your current skill level, and feels like you can get any better?
  • Are you overwhelmed by everything there is to know about guitar, and feel like giving up?

For many people, playing the air guitar is the closest they will get to strumming their favorite tunes. Fortunately, you now have access to the best guitar lessons in Omaha NE. You will learn how to play a song in just one session!

Learning guitar the right wayTy is super easy to talk to and it’s much easier to learn form someone who knows what they are doing and has real experience instead of playing around on youtube. After every lesson I leave feeling like I’ve learned something. Like I’m progressing, which is always nice. Learning guitar the right way is really important to me. – Wyatt Carson

beginner guitar lessons in OmahaLearning guitar was a lot easier than I thought. I did not expect that it would be this much fun and that I would learn such good songs and focus on everything I wanted to know. Ty is a great teacher. – Danny


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Learning to Play The Guitar Should Be Less Work & More Fun!

Knowing how to play the guitar is a great skill to have. Learning how to play guitar though can be a tough experience without proper guidance. Many guitarists and teachers have faced difficulties in the past learning how to play their instrument. But with hard work and dedication, you will acquire the necessary skills and can share that knowledge with other guitar learners at all different skill levels.

Finding a great guitar teacher, who can help you at your current level, and every step of the way as you develop your skills, has been proven to be the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to learn. There are many tuition books, DVD courses, YouTube lessons, and other learning materials for guitarists, but many of them are too complex, too fast, or omit important information that could help you learn better.

Easing Your Journey Towards Guitar Excellence

Electric guitar lessons in Omaha

Many guitar instructors have been through this stage, and they know the kind of support you need to overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed, so you can start enjoying playing the guitar. By taking the best guitar lessons in Omaha, you will be provided with an innovative learning environment that is dedicated to integrating everything you learn in a single, personalized program.

With a customized training program, you will never be left to wonder how to proceed next, or what steps you need to take to reach your goals. I will be there as your skills develop, and ensure that you have everything you require to get the most from your guitar program.

Still Struggling? Let Omaha Guitar Lessons Be Your Antidote

Nothing is as frustrating as slow progress with something that you absolutely love. The key to growth and progress on the guitar is enjoying the learning process; which means knowing what to do, when to do it, how to apply it, and how to work efficiently.

Some learners have been frustrated with their progress even when working with guitar trainers. The problem is that some teachers simply tell their students to “practice this” or “practice more”, which often leads to frustration, especially with beginners who are stuck and don’t know what to do next.

Here is a useful tip: learning the guitar is not about the quantity of information or practice, but the quality. The best guitar lessons aim at relaying to you the concepts and skills you need to achieve your goals, how to work efficiently to optimize your progress, and how to maximize your enjoyment of the learning process.

best place for guitar lessons in Omaha NEWhen it comes to investing money in guitar lessons, you’ll be happy you’re taking them with Ty Keller. Unlike other teachers, Ty is actively pursuing to improve his teaching skills and his teaching programs so that his students get the most out of their lessons. I don’t give out recommendation lightly, but I would highly recommend taking guitar lessons with Ty Keller. – Lauren Bateman

Take lessons in omaha and receieve the best gutiar IntructionTy is great to work with and really wants to see you succeed. My Son and I really enjoy our lessons with him! -Timothy Linke



How Do you Know If You Need Professional Guitar Lessons in Omaha?

Guitar lessons Omaha NE

  • You have been looking for a qualified, experienced, and reliable guitar instructor for your children?
  • You want to learn the guitar but don’t know how/where to get started with the best lessons?
  • You are just starting out and looking for beginner guitar lessons 
  • You’ve been trying to learn on your own with videos and books and are not making the progress you had hoped for?
  • You’re overwhelmed with the amount of guitar learning materials on the internet and other sources and need guidance?
  • You are looking to improve your guitar skills and take your playing to the next level?
  • You’ve been having trouble learning to play your favorite tunes?
  • You are looking for the best strategies to succeed on guitar fast?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these queries, you need to find the best guitar lessons in Omaha that will address your weakness, emphasize your strong points, and get you to play the guitar like you’ve always wanted.

An Unforgettable Experience Guaranteed

Guitar teacher giving lesson

  • Learn from a professional teacher dedicated to your objectives 
  • Personalized lessons for your specific musical goals 
  • Learn how to write beautiful songs
  • Become confident in your guitar playing skills 
  • Have fun learning and playing the guitar while growing your skills exponentially
  • Continuous improvement without getting stuck
  • Play guitar without limitation of knowledge or technique 
  • Use your existing skills to play any melody
  • Make significant progress towards achieving your guitar and musical goals!
  • No more wasting time and money on ineffective teachers and learning methods

Most guitar lessons are delivered in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Each student is given the same learning material to be studied in a step-by-step manner, from one concept to the next. Unfortunately, this system does not deliver desirable results because it does not focus on YOU.

To get tangible results, you need a personalized program that is designed around your goals and your ideal learning style. Offering the best guitar lessons in Omaha, I will work with you to ensure that your personal training program is as unique as your needs.

No matter what your skill level, you can expect to:

  • Reach your guitar playing goals fast – Start by getting a deeper understanding of your current skills and knowledge, and your specific musical goals. Then, a personalized lesson plan will be developed to teach you how to use and apply your skills to reach your goals.
  • Save your time and money – Training with a good teacher will ensure that you get exactly what you need, in the perfect order with only your guitar playing goals in mind.
  • Be motivated and stay on track – You don’t need a person who just shares knowledge, but someone who understands your current ability and knows how to bring out your true talent. A good trainer will understand your specific goals and challenges, and devise strategies to overcome obstacles and ensure your growth.
  • Have fun learning the guitar – There will be opportunities to play the guitar in real musical situations with others, and also in isolation as you record your songs for review.

Finally, you can expect to achieve success with me as your guitar trainer. I will teach you essential skills and how to use and apply those skills in real-world guitar playing so you can play in any situation.

Acoustic guitar lessons I look forward to coming to guitar lessons.  The weekly lessons and assignments give me something to shoot for and I learn something new each time before I come back. -John Lorkovic

Student Guitar lessons in omaha

I wanted to learn how to play guitar, because I thought it would be a better instrument than the flute. Lessons are fun and I learn how to play the songs I like.  -Tyler F.


omaha guitar lessons

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