Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Why You Need Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Omaha

You picked up the guitar and you’ve been playing for a while. You’re starting to get quite good as well but need Intermediate guitar lessons. It’s easy enough to play beginner songs on your own. You can learn the fingerings to chords and strum along to basic songs in just a few hours of study.

Self-taught guitarists aren’t completely unheard of as well. In fact, some of them are considered to be very iconic musicians. Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton. All of these guitarists managed to hone, practice, and develop their craft, even without the benefit of a teacher. At the end of the day, ask yourself where do you want to take your guitar playing?

So, what use is a guitar teacher then? Do you really need lessons to take it to the next level? Everything that you need to become a competent guitarist you can learn on the Internet for free, right?

Why Learning with a Guitar Teacher Rocks

At first, knowing that you can play a few songs in just a few hours of study is exhilarating. That’s enough guitar knowledge and skill that you can use to impress friends at parties or if you want to sing songs around a campfire or something. For example, songs like Oasis’ Wonderwall or Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) are notoriously easy to learn and play. Those that are musically inclined or are just particularly talented at the instrument can even start to jam with a band with just a few months of playing.

But there’s only so much that self-teaching can teach you. Yes, you’ll probably be able to be an adept guitarist just by reading up on resources that you can find on the Internet, watching YouTube videos, and practicing by yourself, but eventually, you’ll hit a wall that you’ll find hard to overcome. This wall, which can take on different forms depending on the person, often include being stuck with a boring playing style, the inability to play complicated riffs, and not being able to write songs. These factors might even turn you off from playing the guitar forever.

A Good Guitar Teacher Will Help You Overcome This Learning Wall.

Having a teacher is more than just getting a second pair of eyes to watch over your learning process. They are there to help you fulfill your musical goals, whatever they may be. Your teacher will be the one to push you through whatever learning related walls you might encounter throughout the course of your guitar study. Intermediate level guitar lessons are just the tip of of the iceberg to where you can take it. Here are a few more reasons why getting a teacher will help you develop more as a guitarist and as a musician.

1. You’ll become aware of your mistakes.

The problem of being a self-taught guitarist is that you won’t realize that you’re making mistakes. It’s easy enough to fall into an inefficient playing pattern that you find comfortable using, yet hinders you from playing to your full potential. A good teacher will be able to spot these mistakes, and correct them early on.

2. You’ll be able to learn in a more organized and logical manner.

As a beginner, the temptation to just jump in into the learning material and play whatever you want is strong. But this can often leave large holes in your guitar knowledge. There’s a whole lot of difference in learning how to play a riff by rote-memorizing tabs, and knowing what chords sound good together or how to transpose songs. With a teacher, you’ll learn the foundations first, and then build up from there. Having a strong background in guitar playing basics allows you to be able to grasp more new and more complicated playing techniques and concepts easily.

3. You can ask questions, and receive answers instantly.

The problem with self-teaching yourself the guitar is that you have no resource to turn to should you have any questions. Sure you can post in online forums, but having a real person demonstrate to you how a particular chord can be fingered or sound like is something that the Internet can never replicate.

Remember, musicians like Prince and Van Halen aren’t actually “self-taught” guitarists in the strictest sense. They, of course, would have received tutelage and guidance from some of their peers and other unofficial teachers too.

You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of guitar playing, at a pace that you are comfortable with. You’ll receive valuable feedback and guidance that will ultimately help you shape up to become the musician that you want to become. We’ll start learning with the most basic of the basics: learning the parts of your guitar, how to restring it, fingering open chords, and learning how to sing and strum at the same time. We’ll cover basic music theory and concepts that you can use should you want to tackle songwriting.

Keep Your Guitar Playing in Balance

There will be a proportionate balance of theory and practice in our lessons, and you’ll get exercises that you can practice at home. And no, our lessons are not strictly by the book. We can have a lot of improvisations along the way, and I can teach you a few playing hacks that you can use to help you learn the guitar faster and easier. These aren’t the things that proper guitar books usually teach you. After all we are focusing on your musical goals, and will formulate a learning plan that will help you achieve those goals. I will be with you, guiding, jamming, and rocking along, one hundred percent of the way.

So, if you want to get the best intermediate guitar lessons press the button below and let’s start rocking.

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