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Tyler Keller

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Why You Need Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Omaha

You picked up the guitar and you’ve been playing for a while. You’re starting to get quite good as well but need Intermediate guitar lessons. It’s easy enough to play beginner songs on your own. You can learn the fingerings to chords and strum along to basic songs in just a few hours of study.

Self-taught guitarists aren’t completely unheard of as well. In fact, some of them are considered to be very iconic musicians. Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton. All of these guitarists managed to hone, practice, and develop their craft, even without the benefit of a teacher. At the end of the day, ask yourself where do you want to take your guitar playing?

So, what use is a guitar teacher then? Do you really need lessons to take it to the next level? Everything that you need to become a competent guitarist you can learn on the Internet for free, right?

Why Learning with a Guitar Teacher Rocks

At first, knowing that you can play a few songs in just a few hours of study is exhilarating. That’s enough guitar knowledge and skill that you can use to impress friends at parties or if you want to sing songs around a campfire or something. For example, songs like Oasis’ Wonderwall or Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) are notoriously easy to learn and play. Those that are musically inclined or are just particularly talented at the instrument can even start to jam with a band with just a few months of playing.

But there’s only so much that self-teaching can teach you. Yes, you’ll probably be able to be an adept guitarist just by reading up on resources that you can find on the Internet, watching YouTube videos, and practicing by yourself, but eventually, you’ll hit a wall that you’ll find hard to overcome. This wall, which can take on different forms depending on the person, often include being stuck with a boring playing style, the inability to play complicated riffs, and not being able to write songs. These factors might even turn you off from playing the guitar forever.

A Good Guitar Teacher Will Help You Overcome This Learning Wall.

Having a teacher is more than just getting a second pair of eyes to watch over your learning process. They are there to help you fulfill your musical goals, whatever they may be. Your teacher will be the one to push you through whatever learning related walls you might encounter throughout the course of your guitar study. Intermediate level guitar lessons are just the tip of of the iceberg to where you can take it. Here are a few more reasons why getting a teacher will help you develop more as a guitarist and as a musician.

1. You’ll become aware of your mistakes

The problem of being a self-taught guitarist is that you won’t realize that you’re making mistakes. It’s easy enough to fall into an inefficient playing pattern that you find comfortable using, yet hinders you from playing to your full potential. A good teacher will be able to spot these mistakes, and correct them early on.

2. You’ll be able to learn in a more organized and logical manner

As a beginner, the temptation to just jump in into the learning material and play whatever you want is strong. But this can often leave large holes in your guitar knowledge. There’s a whole lot of difference in learning how to play a riff by rote-memorizing tabs, and knowing what chords sound good together or how to transpose songs. With a teacher, you’ll learn the foundations first, and then build up from there. Having a strong background in guitar playing basics allows you to be able to grasp more new and more complicated playing techniques and concepts easily.

3. You can ask questions, and receive answers instantly

The problem with self-teaching yourself the guitar is that you have no resource to turn to should you have any questions. Sure you can post in online forums, but having a real person demonstrate to you how a particular chord can be fingered or sound like is something that the Internet can never replicate.

Remember, musicians like Prince and Van Halen aren’t actually “self-taught” guitarists in the strictest sense. They, of course, would have received tutelage and guidance from some of their peers and other unofficial teachers too.

You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of guitar playing, at a pace that you are comfortable with. You’ll receive valuable feedback and guidance that will ultimately help you shape up to become the musician that you want to become. We’ll start learning with the most basic of the basics: learning the parts of your guitar, how to restring it, fingering open chords, and learning how to sing and strum at the same time. We’ll cover basic music theory and concepts that you can use should you want to tackle songwriting.

Keep Your Guitar Playing in Balance

There will be a proportionate balance of theory and practice in our lessons, and you’ll get exercises that you can practice at home. And no, our lessons are not strictly by the book. We can have a lot of improvisations along the way, and I can teach you a few playing hacks that you can use to help you learn the guitar faster and easier. These aren’t the things that proper guitar books usually teach you. After all we are focusing on your musical goals, and will formulate a learning plan that will help you achieve those goals. I will be with you, guiding, jamming, and rocking along, one hundred percent of the way.

So, if you want to get the best intermediate guitar lessons press the button below and let’s start rocking.

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Guitar Lessons With Tyler Keller

Tyler Keller specializes in guiding guitarists and musicians to enhance their musicianship through the application of techniques, phrasing, and composition, all rooted in comprehensive music theory.

Unlike many online “trainers,” Tyler has personally taught hundreds of students across various styles, utilizing the effective strategies he now shares with you.

These principles are the foundation of Tyler's own musicianship and compositions. Having toured the Midwest and shared the stage with renowned acts such as Trapt, Drowning Pool, Saliva, Head Automatica, Tantric, and Ludo, Tyler has honed his ability to train guitarists to achieve greater efficiency and precision through a geometric growth learning approach.

This extensive experience has equipped him with a unique skill set that can accelerate your guitar learning and help you compose music and solos, no matter your previous musical experience.

*Note: Tyler’s results are exceptional and not typical. Your results may vary. Please see the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Student Testimonials

I tried watching YouTube videos and teaching myself and I just decided it would be easier to learn from someone. I'd highly recommend Ty for guitar lessons. -Zach

I tried learning music theory on my own but it was just too complicated, and felt like I was going nowhere. I ask a lot of questions and Ty is always happy to answer. -Zoe

Guitar lessons are simple and fun and Ty listens to what I want to do instead of forcing me down a path. Ty listens to what his student wants and helps him achieve that in a fun way.-Bob

I have the confidence to pick my guitar up in a room front of people and just play. Now I can play in front of friends and especially family. Ty is doing this for you and he will help you play and do what you want to do.-Braden

I Didn't sound good when I started lessons. It was not fun to listen to myself play but it now it's getting more fun to listen to myself play. If you're going to learn guitar the only way to do it is lessons.. -Nate

Spent 2 years watching YouTube Videos, and I feel like I've come a long way in a short amount of time with lessons. Tyler is very easy to relate to, he's a very nice guy. -Brian

Taking lessons has helped my write songs a lot better. Ty is super patient and understanding which is super helpful. Ty is a great guy and really knows his stuff, and I have enjoyed every single lesson with him.

I like how everything is put together. I didn't expect to learn everything about music. I learned all the chords, or most of them. I went from zero to 100. Ty is awesome, has a lot of wisdom a good guy. Guitar is not nerve racking anymore. -Neil

It's structured and you have an idea of what to actually work on. Taking guitar lessons can be fun. If its something you want to do, just know your going to have to work hard at it, and Ty is a great guy to teach you that. -Marcus

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I love music but it takes me much longer to catch on, what should I do?

Don’t beat yourself up, many people have the same issue and it is easy to deal with. I would strongly recommend you sign up to a couple of my 3-4 per week sessions and options.

What days and times are you available?

I’m available Tuesday to Saturday – late after noon early evening

With all the free information online, why would I need a lesson?

There is much info online, but most of it is incorrect and unverifiable. The techniques instructed online usually contribute to the development of bad habits by teaching in spurts. On the other hand, signing up for lessons will improve your ability to learn progressively. What’s more, you will be playing guitar with fellow musicians and learning techniques, habits, and ideas that are only acquired through lessons.

Why should I choose you over other trainers?

Our studio offers you much more than private guitar lessons; we offer a training workshop with group learning sessions. We focus on learning geometrically so you can progress faster. Additionally, I have been a member of an International Guitar Teacher Organization, that has several guitar teachers sharing ideas and techniques to help their students learn efficiently and with the least effort.

Do you also teach note reading?

Yes, I do that but in a different way from the conventional/traditional sense. While it is not often quite important to learn that as a beginner, we can still teach note reading for those interested. It is done just as you would learn in piano lessons.

Does your training involve practice?

Absolutely, I recommend practice 30 minutes every day, 6 days every week if you want to learn how to play guitar like a pro. However, you can practice even more since there is no better way to learn guitar. It is quite easy to forget what you have learned if you never practice in your free time.

Will my fingers be hurt while learning?

Yes, it usually hurts for the first 2 weeks or so but this will stop once you develop calluses. After this stage, your fingers will be used to the guitar strings. There are other options to consider as well if your fingers are too sensitive or delicate. Professional guitarists often wear plucks although it is advisable to first learn using bare fingers as it will be much easier than wearing plucks

But I do not have a guitar, do you have any extras?

I do have session training guitars. Unfortunately I do not have a renting program for guitars. I would recommend you purchase one or get a renting program. Some guitar shops have such renting programs and you can use them for learning to play before you get money to buy yours.

Can I still keep my nails long?

Nope, you need to get rid of all long nails before you start playing a guitar? In fact, you cannot play a guitar correctly with long nails and they would constantly come in your way. Instead of worrying about damaging your nails while playing the guitar, simply keep them short.

Do you teach kids too?

Yes, I have guitar training sessions and lessons for kids as young as 8 years old. If you have kids younger than 8 years, the ukulele lessons or piano learning lessons would be more appropriate to start with.

How long will it take to learn?

Usually, it is difficult stating exactly how long guitar learning takes especially since this all depends on a number of factors. But most importantly, the more your practice, the shorter it takes you to learn a few techniques.

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