Hear What Some of My Guitar Students Have to Say...

Spent 2 years watching YouTube Videos, and I feel like I've come a long way in a short amount of time with lessons. Tyler is very easy to relate to, he's a very nice guy. -Brian

I tried watching YouTube videos and teaching myself and I just decided it would be easier to learn from someone. I'd highly recommend Ty for guitar lessons.


I tried learning music theory on my own but it was just too complicated, and felt like I was going nowhere. I ask a lot of questions and Ty is always happy to answer. -Zoe

Online you can get lost in the abyss of information, and having someone to guide me though it has been great. You should just take guitar lessons with Ty.


Ty was able to guide me in the direction I wanted to move forward. I was stuck in a rut & Ty helped open my eyes to a lot of things, like music theory. Lessons have been really helpful. -James

I've learned so much more just a few sessions that I've had here than I ever did off of YouTube Videos. I Didn't expect the bar chord issue to be resolved so quickly.


Ty is super easy to talk to and it’s much easier to learn form someone who knows what they are doing and has real experience instead of playing around on YouTube. After every lesson I leave feeling like I’ve learned something. Like I’m progressing, which is always nice. Learning guitar the right way is really important to me. – Wyatt Carson

When it comes to investing money in guitar lessons, you’ll be happy you’re taking them with Ty Keller. Unlike other teachers, Ty is actively pursuing to improve his teaching skills and his teaching programs so that his students get the most out of their lessons. I don’t give out recommendation lightly, but I would highly recommend taking guitar lessons with Ty Keller. – Lauren Bateman

I have the confidence to pick my guitar up in a room front of people and just play. Now I can play in front of friends and especially family. Ty is doing this for you and he will help you play and do what you want to do.

. -Braden

Trying to find things online was very difficult, It's been a lot easier to learn guitar with guidance and feedback. Ty is a great instructor who keeps it fun and lively and there is a lot of value in that. -Lacy

Guitar lessons are simple and fun and Ty listens to what I want to do instead of forcing me down a path. Ty listens to what his student wants and helps him achieve that in a fun way. -Bob

I have more fun, and Im starting to progress. Learning how to incorporate new things. The lessons are customized and are what you need to know. It's a good time and each week I grow. -David

I'm happy with my results and have improved on basically everything. Now I've got the tools to practice and improve. It's nice to be able to hear something I always wanted to play and now play it on my own.


Ive been able to achieve playing a lot more songs. Ty is really nice and he doesn't judge. He's really good teacher and I would recommend him. He made it easy for me to learn guitar and now I'm learning really cool songs. -Juliet

Learning guitar was a lot easier than I thought. I didn’t expect that it would be this much fun and that I would learn such good songs and focus on everything I wanted to know. Ty is a great teacher. – Danny

I wanted to learn how to play guitar, because I thought it would be a better instrument than the flute. Lessons are fun and I learn how to play the songs I like. -Tyler F.

Learning the guitar the right way was important to me. It's much easier to learn from someone who has experience and knows what they're doing than to play around on YouTube. Learning guitar with an Instructor is the best way to go.

Guitar was really hard and I was trying to learn on my own without lessons and was getting really frustrated. It's great to have Ty watch your technique when you go to those sessions. I'd highly recommend Tyler Keller. -Caleb

I Didn't sound good when I started lessons. It was not fun to listen to myself play but it now it's getting more fun to listen to myself play. If you're going to learn guitar the only way to do it is lessons.. -Nate

Taking lessons has helped my write songs a lot better. Ty is super patient and understanding which is super helpful. Ty is a great guy and really knows his stuff, and I have enjoyed every single lesson with him.

It's structured and you have an idea of what to actually work on. Taking guitar lessons can be fun. If its something you want to do, just know your going to have to work hard at it, and Ty is a great guy to teach you that. -Marcus

I tried on my own but It was just me playing, going to YouTube videos and getting frustrated and quitting. Ty is calm and friendly, he's approachable. I have more confidence playing in general. Overall it's a success. -Spencer

Ty is great to work with and really wants to see you succeed. My Son and I really enjoy our lessons with him! -Timothy Linke

I look forward to coming to guitar lessons. The weekly lessons and assignments give me something to shoot for and I learn something new each time before I come back. -John Lorkovic

Overall I feel like my playing is better it's more precise and I've enjoyed learning how to write songs. Guitar lessons are fun! Give it a try. - Daniel

I was stuck in a rut and ty does a really good job in helping people advance in the areas they want to advance in, while also teaching them the technical side of things. Try it out.

We progressed surprisingly quickly. Ty is good with kids, very enthusiastic, kids love him and trys the best he can to keep them on task. I have improved exponentially. I can listen to a song and hear chord progressions. If I can play guitar than anyone can play guitar and its a lot of fun. -Jim

I always wanted to learn how to play guitar. I tried to learn on my own but I think taking lessons is better. I like coming to guitar lessons and think that it's fun. The more you practice the easier it is. It's no as hard as you think it is.

I learned proper technique and posture, and how to generally play, and fix my chords. Ty is laid back and I can have fun with guitar. I've improved greatly just by being able to correct my chords a little bit.

I like how everything is put together. I didn't expect to learn everything about music. I learned all the chords, or most of them. I went from zero to 100. Ty is awesome, has a lot of wisdom a good guy. Guitar is not nerve racking anymore. -Neil

Understanding music as your playing guitar has helped expand my desire on how I want to play the guitar. I have improved exponentially. Ty and our personality clicked. It's very relaxed and helps me build on ideas and explore creativity and how you can actually play. -Tom

I feel like I've improved a lot. I can glide more along the guitar than to just pluck through things. Learning the theory and how to apply it how the guitar works and how the scales work. Ty is adaptive and can help guide people to where they need to be. -Andy

I've improved quite a bit to make my playing sounds better than it did before so it becomes second nature. I don't have to think about it and just start playing it. -Jim