Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advancing Your Guitar Skills in Omaha NE

Music is an international language that cuts across national and ethnic boundaries and has the amazing power to bring people from all over the world together in peace. As such, it is truly a worthy goal to gain proficiency in the use of one musical instrument or another.

One of the most popular instruments around the world is the guitar, and for good reason. It is very portable, comes in many different varieties, and has one of the most beautiful and soulful sounds of any musical instrument, bar none.

That being said, it can be one of the hardest instruments to learn to truly play proficiently. There are many people that have learned this instrument on their own, without any instruction from a professional guitar teacher. Of this number, only a few very talented individuals have been able to reach a level of world-class skill without any outside intervention. Most of the rest of the people that choose this route may gain some expertise with this amazing instrument, but will never really gain the kind of skill and understanding that they would if they bit the bullet and took the time to learn from an expert.

This article will list some of the top benefits to be had by taking advanced guitar lessons in Omaha from a true pro. Along the way, some questions that are relevant to this discussion will be answered. These questions include: What are some of the drawbacks of trying to learn the guitar on ones’ own? And, what are some of the major benefits of using a skilled guitar instructor? Let’s answer these questions.

Drawbacks of Attempting to Learn Guitar Without an Instructor

Strictly speaking, it is a praise worthy thing for an individual to be willing to spend the time and effort to teach themselves something that is by no means easy. That being said, being brave and ambitious enough to do something like learning the guitar without any outside help at all will do little in terms of a person actually being able to reach their full potential.

Practice Systems that Lack Quality

It is not as if an individual will not learn anything at all if they decide to teach themselves to play the guitar. The problem lies with the quality of the practice. Too many aspiring guitarists believe that if they just put in a ton of hours on the instrument, a day will come when they will magically have all of the skills that they have ever desired. But unfocused and improper practice can actually do more harm than good.

This can happen because a self taught guitarists may actually be programming and ingraining bad musical habits into themselves and these habits will eventually have to be unlearned if they wish to reach their potential. Therefore, unstructured and improper practice habits can and often do cause more damage and harm than good.

Not Knowing What to Learn

Trying to learn a complex musical instrument like the guitar without any guidance is a little bit like taking a trip through a large and sprawling city without a map. The traveler may have a vague idea of a place in the city that they would like to visit, but without a map it could take days to get there – if they get there at all!

Learning guitar without instruction is similar to this. A student may vaguely know that they would like to become a great guitarist, but without some advanced guitar lessons which include overall knowledge of the instrument and music theory, they really have no idea of how to get there. Because of this, they may learn things out of sequence, or try to learn things that are beyond their ability levels at the moment, all things which will hold them back and cause nothing but frustration.

Inconsistent Approaches to Learning The Instrument

Another common problem that many self-taught guitarists tend to run into involves inconsistency in terms of learning materials. An individual may start with one instruction method or another, and then switch to another method or style without having really learned anything from the first one! This situation will almost always result in wasted time, as well as frustration and even students who give up.

Lack of Efficiency

Children are some of the best learners in the world. A small child can easily and quickly learn multiple languages, a musical instrument, and just about anything else. How do they do this? Usually by watching and listening to their parents and others very carefully.

By taking careful note of how certain things are done, kids can learn anything quickly. But many student guitarists who choose to self teach are missing out being able to actually WATCH and LISTEN to someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Because of this, they are usually doomed to make mistakes that they would never make if they had someone to model their skills on. This creates an efficiency problem; what should take days or weeks to learn can take YEARS instead!

What are the benefits of Working with a Skilled Guitar Instructor?

Working with someone like myself, who has years of professional grade guitar playing and teaching under my belt, has benefits that cannot be reproduced in any way.

Learn Quickly & Naturally

When I take on a student, I make sure to show them every technique they will need in an amazing level of detail. I make sure that they not only take note of what I am doing, but WHY I’m doing it. I encourage all of my students to ask a lot of questions, thus ensuring that the information is transferred directly from my mind to theirs. By doing this, my students learn skills that they once thought were difficult VERY quickly.

Learn Consistently

My approach to teaching is true and tested. My methods start the student at the beginning, and progressively and intelligently take them through every step that will eventually turn them into a highly skilled guitarist.

Learn In Your Own Style

Everyone has different learning styles, and my teaching methods identify the modes in which my students learn best. This makes the entire experience a joy for my students.

Not only does my system work beyond a doubt, but I take pride in working with students so that they can get the best instruction without breaking the bank at the same time.

Teaching guitar and creating great musicians is my passion in life. If you, or someone you know wants to get the most out of their musical skills, feel free to contact me. The initial consultation is free, and I’ll have you up and playing your favorite songs in no time. So give me a call – I’ll teach the music, and you’ll have the skills for a lifetime.

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